Guide for the Design and Construction of Mill Buildings - 2021 Update

Updated for 2021, this report guides the owner and designer through the many assumptions and parameters involved in the design of a mill building. It suggests loads and load combinations for the design of crane runways, roof structures, floors, columns, building frames and foundations. Information is given for investigation, earthwork and excavation requirements, as well as revisions to vibration, foundation, soil bearing foundation, crane rails and crane rail splices. The 2021 edition contains many updates, including the following:

  • Updated Loads and Load Combinations to reflect current codes and design practices
  • Updated provisions for Runway Girder and Column Design.
  • Revised Tolerances section to highlight fabrication vs. erection tolerances.
  • Expanded Commentary section.
  • Expanded Appendix C with detail Inspection and Upgrade recommendations.
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