AutoCAD and Its Applications Advanced 2017, 24th Edition

AutoCAD and Its Applications: Advanced 2017 builds upon the fundamental skills and techniques taught inAutoCAD and Its Applications: Basics 2017. The Advanced text provides thorough, easy-to-understand instruction in 3D drafting/modeling and model visualization. It is appropriate for individual or classroom use. The text provides comprehensive coverage of solid, surface, and mesh modeling in addition to detailed coverage of materials, lighting, rendering, and animation.

  • Features coverage on advanced AutoCAD topics, including model analysis, 3D printing, and point clouds.
  • The companion website includes more than 120 step-by-step exercises.
  • Text chapters contain a large selection of modeling problems.
  • Three-Dimensional Design and Modeling
      1. Introduction to Three-Dimensional Modeling 
      2. Creating Primitives and Composites 
      3. Viewing and Displaying Three-Dimensional Models 
      4. Understanding Three-Dimensional Coordinates and User Coordinate Systems 
      5. Using Model Space Viewports 
      6. Model Extrusions and Revolutions 
      7. Sweeps and Lofts 
      8. Creating and Working with Solid Model Features 
      9. Mesh Modeling 
    10. Advanced Surface Modeling 
    11. Subobject Editing 
    12. Solid Model Editing 
    13. Text and Dimensions in 3D 
    14. Model Documentation, Analysis, and File Exchange 
    15. Point Clouds 
    Model Visualization and Presentation
    16. Visual Style Settings and Basic Rendering 
    17. Materials in AutoCAD 
    18. Lighting 
    19. Advanced Rendering 
    20. Using Show Motion to View a Model 
    21. Cameras, Walkthroughs, and Flybys 
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