Modern Woodworking, 11th Edition

Modern Woodworking is a comprehensive text designed to meet the needs of both beginning and advanced woodworking classes. This text provides full coverage of standard woodworking procedures, as well as new methods, tools, and materials. Safety is strongly stressed throughout the book, with particular emphasis given to explanation of OSHA and EPA regulations as they apply to woodworkers.

  • Includes coverage of residential construction applications, cabinetmaking, and basic furniture making.
  • Introduces characteristics and safe practices for various hand tools, power tools, large woodworking machines, and automated industrial machines.
  • Each chapter includes review questions and activities to reinforce learning.
  1. Planning and Designing in Woodworking 
  2. Selecting and Identifying Materials 
  3. Woodshop Safety 
  4. Measurement, Layout, and Rough-Out 
  5. Planing and Sawing 
  6. Drilling and Boring 
  7. Wood Joints 
  8. Cutting Curves, Irregular Shapes, Bevels, and Chamfers 
  9. Adhesives, Gluing, and Clamping 
10. Mechanical Fasteners and Assembly 
11. Sanding and Preparing for Finish 
12. Finishes and Finishing 
13. Planing Machines 
14. Circular Saws 
15. Band Saw, Scroll Saw, and Saber Saw 
16. Drill Press, Mortiser, and Tenoner 
17. Lathe 
18. Router, Shaper, and Molder
19. Sanding Machines 
20. Special Procedures in Fine Woodworking 
21. Furniture and Cabinetwork 
22. Drawer and Door Construction 
23. Laminating and Bending Wood 
24. Synthetic Surface Materials 
25. Upholstery 
26. Footings and Foundations 
27. Framing Floors, Walls, and Ceilings 
28. Roof Framing and Roofing 
29. Windows, Exterior Doors, and Finish 
30. Interior Finish 
31. Post-and-Beam and Prefabricated Construction 
32. Patternmaking 
33. Tool Selection and Care 
34. Mass Production 
35. Wood Technology 
36. Career Opportunities 

ISBN: 978-1-59070-481-3

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