Overhead Distribution Basic Concepts Bundle

This is the ULTIMATE Overhead Distribution Basic Concepts bundle. No need to buy them individually. They are all right here in one spot. Check out these top (3) guides you get:

Overhead Distribution Systems - Study Guide

Overhead Distribution Systems describes the basic layout of overhead distribution systems. It explains how to identify circuits and equipment in the field, and introduces delta- and wye-connected distribution systems. It shows the basic layout of an overhead distribution system and identifies circuits and equipment in the field. Also covers the importance of identifying whether a system is connected delta or wye, before any work is performed. Safety in

Overhead Line Maintenance - Study Guide

Safety in Overhead Line Maintenance describes basic safety principles and practices applicable to work on overhead lines. Covers proper attitude, preplanning, care and inspection of equipment, and creation of a safe work area. Describes electrical and structural hazards associated with overhead line maintenance, and what to do to avoid them. Explains how to identify, care for, inspect, and use protective equipment when working near energized lines and equipment. Covers procedures for working aloft, and how to perform a fast and safe poletop rescue.

Distribution Line Safety - Study Guide

Distribution Line Safety shows how an isolated or de-energized overhead line can become energized, and uses Ohm's law to determine current flow in a grounded overhead line that has become energized. Also covers grounding procedures that protect workers from fault currents.

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