GS SP 174 - Salt, Shale & Igneous Intrusions

This book groups 10 articles describing the mode of emplacement of various types of intrusions (salt diapirs, mud, volcanoes and magmatic bodies) by means of theoretical reasoning, analog and analytical modelling, interpretation of seismic and field data, and geodetic surveying. All articles emphasize the role of regional tectonics in driving or controlling the emplacement of the intrusions. Papers include examples from Spain, Romania, onshore and offshore Italy, the Eastern Mediterranean, Israel and Iran.

A better understanding of the mode of emplacement of these intrusions has application in hydrocarbon exploration (e.g. where salt structures or mud diapirs are present) and in the mining industry (where mineralization is related to the emplacement of batholiths). No other publication covers these topics as here.

Earth scientists interested in tectonics, salt diapirs, volcanoes, magmatism and seismology. Hydrocarbon exploration and mining geologists. Also suitable for graduates and post-graduates.

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