RFM 1B - Disilicates and Ring Silicates (Second edition)

"Unreservedly recommended. It should cerianly be in every earth science and material science library, and not on each petrologist's or mineralogist's shelf, but open on the workbench."
Mineralogical Magazine


This part deals mainly with the disilicates and ring silicates including the epidote, melilite, cordierite, and tourmaline groups. In addition to the minerals dealt with in the first edition, some of the rarer but typical minerals in the calc-silicate rocks and the accessory minerals of nepheline-syenites and related rocks have been included. The orthosilicates, in particular the olivine, garnet and humite groups are covered in Volume 1A.

First published 1986 630 pages; Hardback; Volume 1B

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