ST50 - Regional to Wellbore Analog for Fluvial-Deltaic Reservoir Modeling: The Ferron Sandstone of Utah

The Ferron Sandstone is unparalleled as an analog for petroleum exploration and this exhaustive study will be the basis for many workshops and lectures in the years to come. The Ferron Sandstone is regional with extensive surface outcrops and significant subsurface control. The sequences within are used to understand and interpret seismic data in modeling reservoir architecture or building an analog. It also is an important coalbed methane play in Utah.

The 22 papers that make up the volume discuss all aspects of Ferron deposition, distribution, sequence stratigraphy, evolution of coal sequences, development of facies and permeability, growth faulting, paleogeography and interpretation, flow simulation within the reservoir, and coalbed methane development in several Western USA fields including Helper field and Buzzard Bench field.

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