The author of this study, Atul Dighe, The Institute for Alternative Futures, approaches the issue from the perspective that the future of the industry is wide open, full of diverse directions for electrical contractors. However, preconceptions not rooted in reality jeopardize the industry's ability to shape the future it wants - a future with a strong market share, more profitable work, a flexible and skilled workforce, and successful labor relations partnership.

Five "myths" characterized by Dighe currently chart the industry's course for the future:

  • All union electrical construction will remain locally controlled.
  • Unions will contine to have a significant influence in the marketplace and society.
  • Union electrical construction will always have a training advantage over non-union electrical construction.
  • Pay scales are fixed and cannot be changed.
  • Both IBEW and NECA contractors will continue to share a common vision for growth of the industry.

One by one, the study considers the origins of each myth, then offers numerous sources to demonstrate why it is false. The study then describes what outcomes are possible when the mythical barrier is removed.

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