Shipping Regulations and Guidance

This consolidated edition contains articles on the following subjects:


Environmental Issues including – Ballast Water & Emissions, EEDI and Energy Efficiency, Fuels, Ship Recycling, Lifeboats and Release Hooks, Passenger Ship Musters, Health, Enclosed Spaces and Gas Detection, Safety, Cargoes, Training, Oil, Gas and Chemical Tankers, Navigation, IMO Codes and Conventions, ILO Conventions and many other items.


As the shipping world becomes each year more regulated, the number of regulatory items that enter into force also increases along with the associated guidance. This publication collates articles that are written about these subjects, providing one easy reference document.


Many owners and operators are aware that there is impending legislation, either at international or a specific territorial level, but have not yet committed to assessing how they, their business and ships will respond.


This publication is essential for anyone who is trying to understand these topical matters in the shipping industry.

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