Abrasive Water Jet Perforation and Multi-Stage Fracturing 1st Edition

Abrasive Water Jet Perforation and Multi-Stage Fracturing gives petroleum engineers, well completion managers and fracturing specialists a critical guide to understanding all the details of the technology including materials, tools, design methods and field applications. The exploitation and development of unconventional oil and gas resources has continued to gain importance, and multi-stage fracturing with abrasive water jets has emerged as one of the top three principal methods to recover unconventional oil and gas, yet there is no one collective reference to explain the fundamentals, operations and influence this method can deliver. The book introduces current challenges and gives solutions for the problems encountered. Packed with references and real-world examples, the book equips engineers and specialists with a necessary reservoir stimulation tool to better understand today’s fracturing technology.

Key Features

  • Provides understanding of the fundamentals, design and application of water jet perforation
  • Examines the pressure boosting assembly in all phases including initiation, hydraulic isolation and production stage
  • Evaluates production analysis, pump pressure predictions and the latest design software
  • Introduces current challenges and gives solutions for the problems encountered


Well completion engineer, graduate level petroleum engineering student, Researcher in hydraulic fracturing, well completion, and production

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    2. Fundamentals of Abrasive Water Jet (AWJ)
    3. Abrasive Water Jet Perforation
    4. Influence of AWJ Perforation on Casing Strength
    5. Hydraulic Isolation of Multi-Stage AWJ Fracturing
    6. Fracture Initiation of AWJ Fracturing
    7. Production Analysis of Multi-Stage AWJ Fracturing
    8. Wellbore Flow Behavior and Friction Pressure
    9. Multi-Stage AWJ Fracturing Design
    10. Multi-Stage AWJ Fracturing Assembly
    11. Field Application of Multi-Stage AWJ Fracturing
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