Handbook of UV Degradation and Stabilization 2nd Edition

Authors: George Wypych
Hardcover ISBN: 9781895198867
Imprint: ChemTec Publishing
Published Date: 20th March 2015
Page Count: 430

This book, the second edition of the first monograph fully devoted to UV degradation and stabilization ever published in English, has 12 chapters discussing different aspects of UV related phenomena occurring when polymeric materials are exposed to UV radiation.

In the introduction the existing literature has been reviewed to find out how plants, animals and humans protect themselves against UV radiation. This review permits evaluation of mechanisms of protection against UV used by living things and potential application of these mechanisms in protection of natural and synthetic polymeric materials. This is followed by chapters with a more detailed look at more specific aspects of UV degradation and stabilization.

Key Features

  • A practical and up-to-date reference guide for engineers and scientists designing with plastics, and formulating plastics materials
  • Explains the effects of UV light on plastics, and how to mitigate its effects through the use of UV stabilizers
  • Surveys the range of UV stabilizers on the market, and provides advice on their selection and use
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