Application of Metal Cutting Theory

Application of Metal Cutting Theory is an introduction to the basic scientific and economic concepts that serve as the foundation of metal cutting theory. This textbook is intended for all who have contact with or an interest in metal cutting. The approach used in this volume is one of illuminating theory by practical examples: theoretical aspects are applied in sample examples that emphasize numerical solutions. Some of these examples lead the reader in the direction of the efficient use of machining factors. Mathematical derivations are presented in detail and are reinforced by numerical illustrations. It is the intent of the text to present the theory in clear, simple terms that can be understood readily and can be applied easily. This volume is written to appeal to all educational levels where metal cutting or applied science is involved, and is a portion of the subject matter presented in a senior technical elective entitled, "Tool Engineering," offered to Engineering Technology students at Southeastern Massachusetts University. This book can also be used in Manufacturing Processes courses where an extended treatment of metal cutting is desired. Since the text is written at an introductory level, it can be adopted to satisfy an Applied Science requirement for either Business or Liberal Arts programs. In a similar fashion, it can be adopted in a community college or technical school setting. In an elementary course presentation at a technical school level, the mathematical rigor associated with the analytical derivation can be omitted; instead, a concentration on the highlights of the relationships described in the derived equations can be stressed. The text should also appeal to industry, especially where an understanding of the relationship between the tool and the workpeice is desired in light of the influence that machining factors have on the costs of a particular operation.

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