AWWA Standard C301-07 (Revision of C301-99): Standard for Prestressed Concrete Pressure Pipe, Steel-Cylinder Type

This standard describes the manufacture of circumferentially prestressed concrete pressure pipe with a steel cylinder and wire reinforcement in sizes 16 in. (410 mm) through 144 in. (3,660 mm). Larger sizes have been manufactured based on the concepts presented in this standard. The standard describes two types of prestressed pipe: lined-cylinder pipe with a core composed of a steel cylinder lined with concrete and subsequently wire-wrapped and coated with premixed mortar; and, embedded-cylinder pipe with a core composed of a steel cylinder encased in concrete and subsequently wire wrapped and coated with premixed cement mortar. The design of prestressed concrete pipe is not presented in this standard but is the subject of ANSI/AWWA C304, Design of Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe. ANSI/ AWWA C301 also does not include requirements for handling, delivering, laying, field testing, or disinfecting of pipe. See AWWA Manual M9, Concrete Pressure Pipe, for this information. Major changes made to the standard in this revision include the following: references for steel sheets, coils, and strips have been updated to reflect new and discontinued ASTM standards (Sec. 2, Sec., and Sec.; the maximum root opening for the cylinder to joint ring weld assembly and the weld repair procedure have been added (Sec.; the radial compaction method has been added for concrete placement for the pipe core (Sec.; a statement on retensioning of the wire during placing of wire reinforcement has been added (Sec.; and, the allowable maximum individual mortar coating absorption value has been reduced (Sec.

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