Borehole Flow Modeling in Horizontal, Deviated, and Vertical Wells

Petroleum Engineers, drilling and production professionals, and advanced petroleum engineering students will welcome this important new book on annular flows in oil and gas well drilling operations. It is the only book on the subject presently available to the industry that combines rigorous theory, practical examples, and important applications. The book describes several borehole flow models that deal with eccentric, nonrotating flow, concentric rotating flow, and recirculating heterogeneous flow. These models are designed to handle the special problems that arise from drilling and producing deviated and horizontal wells, problems such as cuttings transport, stuck pipe, cementing, and coiled tube. Borehole Flow Modeling is the first book of its kind to address these problems by using state-of-the-art computer modeling techniques. Dozens of "snapshots" showing computed velocity, apparent viscosity, vicious stress, and local shear rate for different annuli are presented for the first time. Practical rules of thumb and extensive applications to real world problems make this an important reference tool for drilling and production professionals.

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