Casing and Liners for Drilling and Completion: Design and Application

The Gulf Drilling Series is a joint project between Gulf Publishing Company and the International Association of Drilling Contractors. The mission of the IADC Technical Publications Committee is to publish a comprehensive, practical and readily understandable series of peer-reviewed books on the petroleum drilling industry known as the Gulf Drilling Series in order to educate and guide industry personnel at all levels. The first text in this series presents casing design and mechanics in a concise, two-part format. The first part focuses on basic casing design and instructs engineers and engineering students how to design a safe casing string. The second part covers more advanced material and special problems in casing design in a user-friendly format. In an explanation of the fundamentals of casing design, applications and limitations of the methods and formulas are presented, giving readers an understanding of how to use these tools in their own jobs, and when to use them. In this ground-breaking volume, Byrom also provides a consistent and systematic foundation from which to understand the literature and software applying to casing design and oilfield tubulars.

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