Coffman's Method of Conduit Bending

For the first time, there is a well-organized, comprehensive reference tool for bending conduit - available in both print and CD formats! A trusted and industry-recognized alternative to the currently published material, this guide offers electricians and electrical students a proven way to install conduit using all types of benders. This widely accepted method has saved many electricians time, effort, and money. To familiarize readers with this methodology, the book begins with an introduction to conduit bending and the associated theories. Coverage then progresses to include three- and four-point saddles, 90 degree bends, and segment building. With a print version that is small enough to be stored in a tool kit, and an interactive CD in the back of the book for self-paced learning, this promises to be a valuable resource, both in the field and in the classroom.




Introduction. 1. Theory. 2. Kicks. 3. Offsets. 4. Rolling Offsets. 5. Three-Point Saddles. 6. Four-Point Saddles. 7. 90 * Bends. 8. Segment Bending.


About the Author


Ronald S. Coffman has been in the electrical industry as an electrician, engineer, and superintendent for the past 27 years. Mr. Coffman currently resides in Denver, CO. where he heads the System-wide Electrical division of the Fast Tracks project for the Regional Transportation Division. In addition, Mr. Coffman offers training seminars on conduit bending using the Coffman method.


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