Electricity & Electronics, 10th Edition

Electricity & Electronics presents solid, up-to-date information on the fundamentals of electricity and electronics. The dual approach of this text teaches principles and theory accompanied by hands-on learning. Text content provides a thorough grounding in electrical principles, circuitry, and components. Additional topics include electronic communication and data systems, such as radio, television, and computers. A full chapter in this edition is devoted to microcontrollers.

  • Experiments are included in numerous chapters with step-by-step instructions.
  • Projects are provided for a number of chapters, and include complete parts lists and schematics.
  • Includes a chapter on career opportunities in electronics.
  1. Science of Electricity and Electronics 
  2. Basic Instruments and Measurements 
  3. Introduction to Basic Electrical Circuit Materials 
  4. Energy 
  5. Sources of Electricity 
  6. Series Circuits 
  7. Parallel Circuits 
  8. Combination Circuits (Series-Parallel) 
  9. Magnetism 
10. Generators 
11. DC Motors 
12. Transformers 
13. AC Motors 
14. Inductance and RL Circuits
15. Capacitance and RC Circuits 
16. Tuned Circuits and RCL Networks 
17. Introduction to Semiconductors and Power Supplies
18. Tubes, Transistors, and Amplifiers 
19. Integrated Circuits 
20. Digital Circuits 
21. Oscillators 
22. AM and FM Radio Communications 
23. Television and Video Display Units 
24. Fiber Optics and Lasers 
25. Introduction to the Personal Computer (PC) 
26. Microcontrollers 
27. Career Opportunities in Electronics 

ISBN: 978-1-59070-883-5

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