Fiberglass Boat Design and Construction

A Summary of the information a designer needs to specify the fiberglass materials and scantlings for commercial, pleasure or military boats, power or sail, up to 100 feet in length. This book offers a technically sound yet relatively straightforward alternative to a rule of thumb approach to design. There is an extensive about of literature on the behavior of fiberglass, but it is scattered and often too complex for convenient use. The author summarizes the research and experience of the past 50 years and presents it in a form useful for practical application. He describes the advantages and disadvantages of alternative materials and structural configurations and summarizes considerations in their selection. There is valuable data presented in charts to aid in the decisions for varying structural loads, safety factors, deflection and vibration limitations. Step by step design examples are helpful to the designer with limited fiberglass experience or a builder working only with a basic knowledge of structural design.

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