Ingenious Mechanisms for Designers and Inventors Volume One

Taken together, the four volumes of Ingenious Mechanisms form a comprehensive reference treatise on mechanical movements unparalleled in scope and usefuless. The individual books are similar in size and general character, and use similar classifications and chapter headings. Yet each volume is an independent work on the subject of mechanisms. The mechanisims described are grouped into chapters according to general types. Together with the complete index, this arrangement by function makes it east to find the class of movement desired and enables you to compare mechanisms which are similar in purpose but different in design. The descriptions and illustrations are confined to the important and fundamental elements. You are told plainly and briefly what each mechanism consists of, how it operates, and the features which make it of special interest. The particular mechanisms have been selected because they have stood the test of time and practice. Among the mechanisms described and illustrated by working diagrams are: cam applications and special cam designs; intermittent motions from gears and cams; interlocking devices; valve diagrams; reversing mechanisms of special design; tripping or stop mechanisms; drive of crank type for reciprocating driven members; feed mechanisms and auxiliary devices; feeding and ejecting mechanisms; and many more.

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