Land and Leasing

This book attempts to cover as comprehensively as possible those aspects of land ownership, transfer, and leasing that are necessary to a basic understanding for those interest in the petroleum industry. Fundamentals of Petroleum, its forerunner, provides the overview of the subject of petroleum, and Land and Leasing dips further into it by concentrating on one area. It is hoped that Land and Leasing will take the place alongside Fundamentals of Petroleum as a useful and practical source of information for those interested in its subject matter.

Also discusses preparations for drilling, producing, and selling, agreements to develop leased properties, and pooling, utilization, and release. Extensive appendices include specific leasing practices in certain states and countries.

A Guide to Understanding Land Surveys                       3-D Seismic Survey Design Volume twelve                        Image 1                  International Building Code 2009 Code and Commentary Volume 1

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