Machine Shop: Operations and Setups

MARCH SPECIAL 10% OFF!  The Student Guide is also available.  Machine tool technology has advanced tremendously in the last decade. As in other fields, today's trainee is faced with two tasks: (1) mastering the fundamentals of basic machine tools and (2) keeping up with the new concepts being introduced in machine tool technology. Even now, modern machine tools are flowing from research and development to an industry which is not fully prepared to utilize them. Many times this is due to a lack of trained manpower. The purpose of this text, therefore, twofold: (1) to provide basic training in conventional machine tool operation and (2) to provide the trainee with the knowledge he will need to understand the latest machine tool processes and developments. Even though chip-producing machine tools vary in size, shape and function, the cutting theory of the single-point cutting tool underlies every chip-producing machine tool operation. Amply stressed in this text, this carryover of principles from one machine tool to another, reveals to the student basic similarities in an otherwise often bewildering variety of machine tools. Equally important , this new fourth edition prepares the student for such innovations as Numerical Control and the Electrical Energy processes, which have literally revolutionized today's metalworking industry. Throughout the text color has been used to indicate forces, movement, and the possible motions of each machine tool. Careful preparations of illustrations has assured that the student will better comprehend machine tool capabilities and movements. In this fourth edition, chapters on Power Saws and Turret Lathes have been add - the latter with a special introduction and an actual production setup - and several chapters have been greatly expanded. This text continues to benefit, however, from the research that went into the original edition. Content and organization are based on that research and on the knowledge and experience of the authors in machine tool technology.

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