Masonry and its Symbols in the Light of "Thinking and Destiny"

Within the covers of this little book lies the very heart and soul of a most worthy Brotherhood of humanity, Freemasonry. Its sacred purpose exudes with the sublime spirit of inner freedom, Truth, and spiritual reality and depicts the attainment of the greatest and most exulted hope of Man: Self-Knowledge, Regeneration, and Conscious Immortality. The foundations of Masonic Symbolism are universal, eternal, and timeless. This the Order has existed under one name or another, since earliest origin of Man, making Masonry the oldest as well as the largest bodies in the world which are outposts to prepare possible candidates for an inward life. The history and the potential, esoteric spiritual development of the conscious self in the human body, are depicted and clearly laid our in the rituals, symbols, and teachings of Masonry. This valuable little book should be in the possession of every sincere Mason who desires more light on and a truer understanding of the symbols of Masonry, of the ceremonies in which he takes part, and of their deep esoteric significance.

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