Millwright Level 5 Trainee Guide, Paperback, 3rd Edition

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Covers reverse alignment, laser alignment, advanced blueprint reading, optical alignment, turbines, maintaining and repairing turbine components, installing electric motors, preventive and predictive maintenance, and vibration analysis.


Table of Contents


(Total Level Hours: 165)


 15501-09 Performing Reverse Alignment (30 Hours)


Covers reading plant or foundation layouts, assembly and describes preparation for dial indicator reverse alignment, and explains the procedures for setting up reverse alignment jigs.  Explains graphic and mathematical techniques for aligning equipment, based on reverse dial indicator measurements.




15502-09 Performing Laser Alignment (25 Hours)


Describes alignment with laser alignment systems. Explains the use of one system, and the uses of that system to demonstrate principles.


15503-09 Advanced Blueprint Reading (25 Hours)


Describes the use of drawing sets to obtain information about a system; explains the process of identifying a part of a machine for repair or replacement from a set of drawings.


15504-09 Performing Optical Alignment (25 Hours)


Explains how to use theodolites, optical levels, auto levels, and total stations to place and align equipment.


15505-09 Turbines (10 Hours)


Describes types of turbines and components of turbines.  Explains basic operation of turbines. Explains applications of particular types, including gas, steams, and water turbines.


15506-09 Maintaining and Repairing Turbine Equipment (15 Hours)


Describes the process of inspecting and repairing key components of turbines. Explains the guidelines for maintaining large steam turbines.


 NEW! 15507-09 Installing Electric Motors (15 Hours)


Describes the types of electric motors. Explains the installation of motors.


15508-09 Preventive and Predictive Maintenance (10 Hours)


Explains preventive and descriptive maintenance and nondestructive testing, and introduces the basic techniques for testing. Also describes lubricant analysis, and acoustic, infrared, and vibration testing.


15509-09 Vibration Analysis (10 Hours)


Explains the causes of vibration and the procedures and types of equipment used in vibration analysis. Describes the kinds of equipment used for vibration testing and monitoring. Describes field machine balancing.


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