Modern Marine Engineers Manual: Volume I

This third edition of Volume 1 remains primarily a source of information on steam and gas turbine power plants. The reciprocating steam engine is no longer covered in the text, and the material on steam turbine propulsion has been reduced. Also covered in this newest edition is the personal computer, which is rapidly becoming essential shipboard equipment for many tasks, including spare parts management, maintenance programs, vibration analysis, power plant analysis, management systems for quality and safety, communications, and record keeping. Pumps, pumping systems, and heat exchangers, which are found on all types of ships, are given extensive coverage. The characteristics of fuels, fuel chemical treatment, fuel mechanical processing, and the implications of such treatments and processes for the maintenance of both internal combustion engines and boilers are presented. In recognition of the use of the text by students, each chapter includes review questions as well as references to materials for further study.

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