Nautical Rules of the Road

The appeal of this book over the years has been its simplicity. It is a straightforward presentation of the Rules designed to be useful for all who need to learn and apply the Rules of the Road. It is hoped that the fourth edition will be as enlightening and informative for the recreational boater, maritime student, and professional mariner as the first three have been. The aim of this book is to make learning the Rules as easy as possible. To achieve this aim, the text of the Rules is printed on the left-hand pages. The authors comments are printed on the right-hand pages. In cases where the International Rules and Inland Rules differ from each other, those differences are in bold. The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) requires vessels 12 meters or more in length to have an up-to-date copy of the Rules of the Road aboard. This book, containing the latest changes to the Riles as the date of printing, will meet that requirement. Any subsequent changes to the text of the Rules will be published in the Notices to Mariners and should be entered by the mariner.

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