Roll Form Tool Design Fundamentals

This insightful and compact book is designed as a technical reference and teaching aid for roll form machine operators, tool designers, and setup personnel, as well as for anyone working at manufacturing plants using the roll forming process who wants a better understanding of the fundamentals. As the only book of its kind on the subject, it presents the basics of roll tool design through theory and through illustrative examples that include detailed design calculations. Additionally, it identifies design decisions that are judgment calls and have no correct answers. Such situations are identified in design examples to illustrate certain ideas and concepts, with the author's intent being to help the reader develop a feel for the process. The industries that make use of the roll forming process are very diverse, with product requirements ranging from very crude to high precision. Nevertheless, the fundamentals and basics presented in this book will effectively serve as a framework which can be expanded and modified to suit the requirements of each particular industry.

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