Stair Layout

This book contains the basic principles of stair layout practices, stair terminology, print information, stairway design, building codes, and stairway types are discussed. The three stair ratio formulas in general use are introduced. Examples of each formula are given. Stairwells are presented with examples of determining stairwell length. Headroom procedures are detailed. Landings in straight, quarter-turn, and half-turn stairs are discussed. Step-by-step procedures show how to lay out stringers. The story pole and framing square the primary tools utilized. Winders are designed using basic formulas. Safety is emphasized in stair design. Chapters 1-7 are followed by Trade Tests. A Final Exam follows Chapter 8. Answers for Trade Tests 1- and the Final Exam are given in the back of this book. The Appendix contains illustrated terms and useful tables.

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