Tankers: An Introduction to the Transport of Oil by Sea

This book is limited to the transport of oil by sea. Throughout, brief explanations are given on shipping in general for the benefit of laymen; but those dealing with oil transport are treated in greater detail. After a very brief historical survey there is given a brief description of a tanker: how she is built, how she is used and how she is manned. After dealing with economic aspects, there is analysis of the current freight crisis and its consequences that come to some encouraging conclusions. Although we try to prevent accidents from happening, experience shows that inevitably there will be future occurrences, and therefore there has been a section included on spills, their consequences, methods of dealing with the effects, and compensation schemes. Then the author says some things about seafarers who are the crucial element in this business and then he finishes the book with some thoughts on whether there is still a place for adventure at sea.

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