The Radar Book

If you are the skipper of navigator of one of the large or very large vessels afloat on the worlds seaways today, this book is a must for you. It provides all the information necessary to use radar as a tool for basic collision avoidance, plotting, navigation, and piloting. Drawings of actual radar plot situations plus step-by-step diagrams illustrating the process of developing the radar plot are interspersed throughout the text. There are several self-testing quizzes which will provide immediate feedback about the progress you are making at any time. Examples cited are related to actual experiences. This non theoretical approach makes the text accessible as well to the recreational mariner who utilizes a small radar on his craft. Of special interest to the professional mariner is the section devoted to preparation for passing the US Coast Guard licensing examinations, both in written form and in the radar simulator. Practical exams of both types are provided. In addition a portion of the book is devoted to the new generation of ARPAs (automatic radar plotting aids). These devices are mandated on certain commercial vessels and, to date, little has been published regarding their practical application and use.

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