US Coast Guard Licenses and Certificates: How to Qualify, How to Apply, How to Prepare

Are you wondering about the procedures for getting a Coast guard license or certificate? Do you want to upgrade a license you already have? This book will give you the information you need in "plain English", along with tips for moving up as quickly as the rules will allow. Its also an indispensable reference for personnel managers, trainers, and career counselors Career paths let you trace the steps you will follow to higher licenses and more pay, highlighting the service time, training requirements, and exams along the way. Qualification requirements detail the sea time, training courses, and other supporting paperwork you will need for all deck and engineer documents, giving you a handy checklist to follow on your way up the ladder. You'll even see the specifications for the exam you will take. Application procedures are explained step by step, form by form, to prevent your paperwork from being bounced or delayed when you submit it to the Coast Guard.

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