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GPSA Engineering Data Book, 14th edition FPS (English Units) Combo pack (Book and Electronic Copy)

About the GPSA Engineering Data Book


The GPSA Engineering Data Book was first published in 1935 as a small booklet containing much advertising and little technical information. Over 80 years and several editions later, the book has grown into nearly 1,000 pages of technical information and no advertising, becoming the worldwide authoritative resource for technical and design information pertaining to the midstream industry and its approved practices and procedures. The book has also found wide acceptance among the petroleum refining, gas transmission and petrochemical industries.



The Data Book assembles, in a single compilation, basic design information together with data and procedures that can be used by field and plant engineers to determine operating and design parameters. It is also intended as an aid to design engineers who, in spite of increasing availability of computer routines and other sophisticated design methods, require a general reference work as a guide to accepted engineering practice for estimating, feasibility studies, preliminary design and for making on-site operating decisions.

GPSA’s Involvement


GPSA is an organization of companies with specialized knowledge of the supply and service needs of the midstream and related industries; it publishes the Data Book as a service to the midstream industry. 

The book has been compiled by a joint editorial committee composed of technical specialists from both GPSA (suppliers) and GPA Midstream (operators) company representatives. This committee, known as the GPSA Editorial Review Board, continually reviews and revises the manual. Periodic revisions are issued to holders of record to keep the manual up to date with technology and industry practices.

GPSA, a non-profit organization, charges just enough for the book to ensure that funds are available to print the next edition of the book. 

The GPSA Engineering Data Book, recognized as a valuable resource around the world, is an excellent example of the cooperative producer-supplier relationship of the GPSA and GPA Midstream organizations.

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