AAPG Seismic Atlas - Studies in Geology #53: Seismic Interpretation of Contractional Fault-Related Folds

This AAPG Seismic Atlas serves as an instructional guide and resource for the interpretation of complex structures imaged in seismic reflection profiles using quantitative fault-related folding theories. The emphasis is on contractional fault-related folds, including fault-bend folds, fault-propagation folds, detachment folds, shear fault-bend folds, imbricate thrust systems, and structural wedges. These types of structures form the majority of the large hydrocarbon traps in both orogenic and passive-margin fold and thrust belts worldwide. This volume is intended to assist E&P processionals involved in seismic interpretation for the purposes of trap delineation and reservoir characterization, to aid those whole evaluate structural interpretations in order to assign and reduce drilling risks, and to serve as a manual for anyone interested in applying the theories of fault-related folding to seismic interpretation.

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