Accelerated Strength Testing {PDF ONLY}

General topics in this Symposium Publication containing 17 papers include case histories in the use of accelerated strength testing, and research aimed at developing new accelerated testing methods.


- Accelerated, Early, and Immediate Evaluation of Concrete Quality by Edward A. Abdun-Nur

 - Experience in the Use of the Accelerated Testing Procedure for the Control of Concrete During the Construction of Tunnel "Emisor Central" in Mexico City by Roberto Sanchez-Trejo and Lorenze Flores-Castro

 - Accelerated Concrete Strength Testing at the CN Tower by John A. Bickley

 - Adaptation of Accelerated Strength Testing Methods for Concrete Quality Control and Quality Assurance by Tarun R. Naik

 - Quality Control of Concrete by Means of Short-Termed Tests at La Angostura Hydroelectric Project, State of Chiapas, Mexico by Manuel Mena Ferrer

 - Accelerated Concrete Strength Testing by Modified Boiling Methods: Concrete Producer's View by R. A. Lapinas

 - ASTM Accelerated Strength Tests for Quality Control of Concrete by V. Ramakrishnan and J. Dietz

 - Use of Accelerated Tests for Concrete Made with Slag Cement by L. A. Falcao Bauer and Karl A. Lenz

 - Use of Modified Boiling Method in Manitoba and Alberta, Canada by Lloyd E. Rodway and Karl A. Lenz

 - An accelerated Method of Estimating the 28 day Splitting-Tensile and Flexural Strengths of Concrete by V.M. Malhotra- Accelerated Strength Tests for Quality Control of Paving Concrete by R.K. Ghosh, M.R. Chatterjee and Ram Lal

 - Concrete Quality Control: 28 days-24 hours-15 minutes by Paul A. Howdyshell


- Accelerated Strength Test Results from Expanded Polystyrene Molds with Emphasis on Initial Concrete Temperature by Andre Bisaillon


- Prediction of Strength of Concrete from Maturity by H.S. Lew and T.W. Reichard


- A New Method and Apparatus for Accelerated Strength Testing of Concrete by K.W. Nasser


- Statistical Properties of Techniques for Predicting Concrete Strength and Examples of their use by John K. Moore and Michael A. Taylor


- Accelerated Strength Testing-Annotated Bibliography by V. Ramakrishnan

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