AWWA Standard B407-98 (Revision of B407-93): Standard for Liquid Ferric Chloride

This standard covers ferric chloride in aqueous (liquid) form for use in the treatment of municipal and industrial water supplies. Liquid ferric chloride is an orange-brown aqueous solution that is acidic and corrosive to common metals. Applications of the chemical include water softening with lime or a combination of lime and soda ash to improve hardness reduction and coagulation, and water clarification as a coagulant followed by settling or filtration. The purpose of this standard is to provide liquid ferric chloride purchasers, manufacturers, and suppliers with the minimum requirements for liquid ferric chloride, including physical, chemical, packaging, shipping, and testing requirements. Topics include: sampling; general test procedures; specific gravity; total insoluble matter; iron; ferrous iron; percent ferric chloride; acidity; iron, ferrous iron, and ferric iron alternative methods; and, the basis for rejection.

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