AWWA Standard C210-03 (Revision of C210-97): Standard for Liquid-Epoxy Coating Systems for the Interior and Exterior Water Pipelines

This standard sets minimum requirements for shop- and field-applied, liquid-epoxy interior linings and exterior coatings used in the potable-water-supply industry for steel water pipelines installed underground or underwater, under normal construction conditions. Major changes made to the standard in this revision include the following: physical and performance requirements have been divided into two separate tables; replaced v-cut adhesion test with ASTM D3359 (Method A); Sec., Surface Inspection, was revised; Sec., Cure, was revised; Sec. 5.1, Inspection, was revised; Sec. 5.2, Performance Testing of Laboratory-Applied Epoxy Coating System, was added; and, Sec. 6.3, Affidavit of Compliance, was revised.

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