AWWA Standard C302-95 (Revision of C302-87): Standard for Reinforced Concrete Pressure Pipe, Noncylinder Type

This standard covers the manufacture of circumferentially reinforced concrete pressure pipe, without a steel cylinder and not prestressed, in sizes from 12 to 144 in. (300 to 3,660 mm) inclusive and for working pressures not exceeding 55 psi (380 kPa) and for working plus surge pressures not exceeding a total pressure of 65 psi (450 kPa). This type of pipe is designed for the internal pressure, external loads, and bedding conditions designated by the purchaser. Pipe of diameters larger than 144 in. (3,660 mm) have been manufactured based on the concepts of this standard. This standard does not include requirements for design, handling, delivery, laying, field testing, or disinfection of pipe. The pipe shall have the following principal features: a reinforcing cage or cages of steel rods, bars, wire, or fabric; a wall of concrete covering the reinforcing cage or cages inside and out; and a joint with a preformed rubber gasket or gaskets of rubber of circular cross section, so designed that the joint will be watertight under all conditions of service. The purpose of this standard is to provide purchasers, manufacturers, and constructors with the minimum requirements for reinforced concrete pressure pipe, noncylinder type, including fabrication and testing requirements. The major revisions in this edition of ANSI/AWWA C302 include the following: the format has been changed to reflect current AWWA standard style; the acceptance clause (Sec. I.C) and the definitions of parties (Sec. 3) have been revised to approved wording; requirements for submitting samples of aggregates have been deleted (former Sec. 2.4); a minimum yield strength of 30,000 psi (207 MPa) for cylinders for fittings steel is required (Sec.; minimum testing and measuring frequency for steel sheets and coils is required (Sec.; a requirement for a minimum and maximum clear spacing between circumferential reinforcing members has been added (Sec. 4.5.2); Table 4, Minimum Wall Thickness of Pipe, has been expanded to include sizes 102 in. through 144 in. (2,590 mm through 3,660 mm); the requirements for rubber gaskets have been expanded to include splices, testing, and storage (Sec. 4.5.4); a qualification requirement for all welders and welding operators has been added (Sec. 4.6.2); a requirement for cage placement supports has been added (Sec. and Sec.; a section and table on the design of fittings has been added (Sec.; a requirement for test equipment calibration has been added (Sec. 5.2.6); and, design procedures have been moved from the former appendix A of this standard to AWWA Manual M9.

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