AWWA Standard C606-06: Standard for Grooved and Shouldered Joints

This standard describes grooved and shouldered joints for ductile-iron pipe, metallic pressure pipe of iron pipe size, and fittings, and other components for water service. The standard describes 4-in. through 24-in. (102-mm through 610-mm) diameter grooved ductile-iron pipe; 3/4-in. through 24-in. (19-mm through 610- mm) diameter grooved steel, aluminum, brass, and other metallic pipe of iron pipe size (IPS) dimensions; and 4-in. through 64-in. (102-mm through 1,626-mm) nominal diameter shouldered ends for ductile-iron pipe and metallic pipe of IPS dimensions. Revisions made to the standard in this edition include the following: minor changes made in the foreword to conform with AWWA format.

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