Basic Machining Reference Handbook

This Handbook is intended to serve as a comprehensive yet easy to use "memory jog" for experienced machinists and as a reference resource for programmers, for tooling, design, and production engineers, and for anyone else with an interest in knowing exactly what's involved in performing a given machining step, series of steps, or complete job. Remaining true to its original approach, this new edition continues to present the principles of basic machining and its major considerations, while updating and adding more detail. New to the second edition are expanded chapters on numerical control and computerized operations. Additional speeds and feeds tables, general troubleshooting concepts, and a basic review of relevant computer terms and applications are included, as well as added machining guides, cost-per-cut calculations, new charts and photos, and tips on checking material hardness so that temperature variations won't put parts out of tolerance. Locally organized, with numerous checklists for on-the-job use, Basic Machining Reference Handbook starts with those steps that most often begin the machining process - blueprint reading, laying out the workpiece, determining the machining sequence, assembling the stock, and tooling - and moves through the basic machining; turning, milling, drilling, reaming, boring; surface and other grinding. It emphasizes the hands-on concept of developing and refining skills, along with the knowledge of metals and machining processes, b means of application. And it presents and reviews metals and heat-treating with attention to those aspects most important to machining. Machinists, programmers, and manufacturing engineers are sure to find this new edition an invaluable and useful resource.

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