Benfield Conduit Bending Manual


Easy-to-use math and crystal clear instructions make it an industry favorite. New material arranged with even greater clarity. Learn it from the source! Basic elementary arithmetic does it! Includes basic non-technical formulas and tables that unlock the secrets of pinpointing bending.


Using simple formulas, tables and diagrams, this method works with any make of bending tool found on any job. The magic formula works even if bends are made in the knotch of a tree or a hole in a wood block!


Contents include:


  • Bending PVC Conduit
  • Bending 90° Stub-ups
  • All about Offsets
  • Back-to-Back Bends
  • Utilizing the Gain
  • Three & Four Bend Saddles
  • Bending with Hickeys, Variable
  • Radius Bends
  • A Review of Conduit Bending Tips


The Benfield Conduit Bending Manual Covers: bending 90 degree stub-ups; offsets; back-to-back bends; gain; three and four bend saddles; variable radius bends for concentric conduit runs; electrical conduit in concrete slabs; removing bends in 1/2” EMT; bending PVC conduit, and more.

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  • $37.49