Cabinetmaking and Millwork

This book was written for the advanced woodworking student. It is also an excellent reference for anyone interested in the fundamentals of materials, tools, machines, and processes used in the building of cabinets and interiors, the production of furniture, and the other work of the finish carpenter, cabinetmaker, and millwright. The book can be used effectively in the upper levels of senior high schools, and in vocational and technical schools, and in colleges. It will be useful for studying not only cabinetmaking but also building construction and related fields and activities. It includes coverage of which woods to use, and why and how to use them, in the interiors of homes and commercial buildings. Fixed installations such as paneling, built-ins, and cabinets are discussed, as well as movable wood products such as furniture and fixtures. The text also includes a unit on metrics plus a complete section on plastics in furniture construction.

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