CI 4054

Construction Master 5 En Espa

Works in and converts between all building dimensional formats: Feet-Inch-Fractions, Yards and Metric - including Area and Volume. Weight per Volume. Dedicated functions: Complete Stair calculations for Risers, Trades, Stringer Length and Incline angle. Displays Run and Rise. custom Rafter function gives you Common Rafters, Regular and Irregular Hips, Valleys and Jacks. Jack Rafter features provides complete solutions for Regular and Irregular Pitch roofs. displays On-Center Spacing. Circular solution for Arcs, columns, Cones, Pillars, Windows, Post holes and more. Rake-Wall function determines stud length for any On-Center spacing in descending order Broad Feet Lumber Estimating. Additional Features: User Preferences: set custom defined options such as fractional settings for

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