Countersinking Handbook

Packed with over 300 pages of text and hundreds of illustrations,and written by a world-class expert, this is by far the most complete book on the subject of countersinking and chamfering holes of any size. It is based on precision finishing requirements and filled with much user data, and its detailed approach to illustrating over 100 different cutter designs is unparalleled in the literature. Its 13 chapters cover history, design reasons for countersinking, all cutter material variations and options, feeds, speeds and coolants, tool holders, applications including plastics, metals, wood, composites, ceramics, glass and dental materials. Side effects of countersinking - including stress risers - are discussed, besides optimum applications for specific tool use, gaging countersinks, economics, press working countersinks, nontraditional countersinking methods, and references to standards and other published works. It includes case histories, bibliographies, countless practical tips, and an extensive appendix. An unparalelled undertaking, this is a reference that anyone who "countersinks" can't afford to be wothout.

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