Distillation Design

Distillation design provides complete, up-to-date coverage of the principles and practical aspects of designing this important industrial process for the food , chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, petroleum refining, gas, and alcohol industries. The book also presents worked-out examples of typical design problems, as well as guidelines for using computer programs in design.


Every practicing chemical engineer working in or for the process industries, including those who specialize in fractionation and, most certainly, those who do not, should find "Distillation Design" invaluable. ...The content is so totally complete and the presentation is so refreshingly down-to-earth, this book, in many ways, is the best to come along in more than a generation. ...The discussion of new products is astonishingly comprehensive.''

This book is a worthy sequel to the author's previous excellent book Distillation Operation. It is a very impressive work covering almost all aspects of process equipment design procedures for distillation columns.''
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