Electrical Power Equipment Maintenance and Testing

New trends toward preventive and predictive maintenance are giving rise to advanced techniques for obtaining maximum life from electrical equipment, maintaining its reliability, and minimizing repair costs. Following in the tradition of its bestselling predecessor, Electrical Power Equipment Maintenance and Testing, Second Edition consolidates and coordinates the latest developments in the field into one comprehensive text. Integrating basic principles, theory and practice, the book discusses routing (field) and commissioning testing as well as maintenance procedures for assessing equipment insulation integrity and operational dependability. The book shows how to inspect and test equipment for apparatus integrity and other operating characteristics that affect performance. The author evaluates results for each category of testing and elucidates equipment degradation mechanisms and their impact on reliability and efficiency by detailing failure modes and effects. Containing numerous references, equations, illustrations, and photographs, this valuable resource is a one-stop guide for implementing an effective maintenance and testing plan for electric power equipment.

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