Electrician's Exam Prep by Miller

Electrician's Exam Prep helps you tackle even the toughest questions! Designed to help you develop the confidence that comes with knowing you have taken the necessary steps to best prepare for your Journeyman or Master Electrician's licensing exam, this review guide contains over 1,150 multiple choice questions and extensive test-taking strategies.

Based on the successful training seminar conducted by NEC® expert Charles R. Miller, The Electrician's Exam Prep Manual cuts through complex topics to help students pass Journeyman or Master Electrician licensing exams. Using clear, concise language, this book takes users through the preparation process, explaining every NEC® topic along the way. Aspiring electricians will feel prepared after completing the Manual's 23 sample exams, addressing general electrical knowledge plus NEC® rules. A special feature identifies key Code sections for highlighting, to assist in studying and to carry in to exams where allowed.

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