Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics of Offshore Structures

Containing results of an investigation undertaken to assess the fatigue and fracture performance of steels used in the offshore industry, Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics of Offshore Structures: gives details of the methodology to develop a typical Jack-up Offshore Standard load History (JOSH); highlights factors that influence fatigue resistance of structural steels used in the construction of Jack-up structures; illustrates methods used to model the relevant factors for inclusion in JOSH, with particular emphasis on loading and structural response interaction; discusses results and details of experimental variable amplitude corrosion fatigue (VACF) tests conducted using JOSH; presents a novel and improved generalized methodology for fast assessment of offshore structural welded joints. The important research in this book will be of great interest to those dealing with a wide range of engineering structures - from bridges and buildings to masts and pipelines. Fatigue and fracture specialists and those concerned with materials technology and the impact of general structural integrity issues on structural reliability and safety will find this a valuable volume.

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