Fundamentals of Tool Design

Since its first edition was published in 1962, Fundamentals of Tool Design has been an outstanding source of information for tool designers. From classrooms to the design shops of major corporations around the world, this proven resource has demonstrated its value. The creation of a Fifth Edition is proof of the continuing vitality of the book's contents, including; tool design and materials; jigs and fixtures; workholding principles; die manipulation; inspection, gaging, and tolerances; computer hardware and software and their applications; joining processes, and pressworking tool design. To stay abreast of the newer developments in design and manufacturing, every effort has been made to include those technologies that are currently finding applications in tool engineering. For example, sections on rapid prototyping, hydroforming, and simulation have been added or enhanced. The basic principles and methods descussed in this book can be used by both students and professionals for designing efficient tools.

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