Geochemical Anomaly and Mineral Prospectivity Mapping in GIS

Nowadays, mapping of geochemical anomalies and/or prospective areas involves stacking digital geochemical and geological maps on top of each other on an electronic light table (id, by using a GIS or geographic information system). This volume documents, surveys and demonstrates various GIS-aided and/or GIS-based techniques for mapping of geochemical anomalies and prospective areas in the target generation phase of mineral exploration. It consists of three parts, all centered on the theme predictive modeling or mapping. This volume is intended to be an instructional textbook and general reference manual for exploration geochemists and/or exploration geologists, who are enthusiastic and already possess skills in applying GIS or who are interested in applying GIS. It is also hoped that geoscience academics and graduate students not only in the knowledge fields of geo-resource exploration but also in the knowledge fields of geo-hazard mapping and.or geo-environmental characterization would find the concepts and methods described in this volume useful in their work.

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