Grinding Technology: Theory and Applications of Machining with Abrasives

In this book, Stephen Malkin and Changsheng Guo bridge the gap between grinding theory and application, presenting a comprehensive and unified picture of the grinding process and its practical utilization. They wrote this book for researchers and for mechanical, manufacturing, and production engineers who deal with grinding and abrasive machining processes. This second edition incorporates relevant new findings and developments since the first edition was published nearly two decades ago. More detail is presented regarding new grain materials, creep-feed grinding with conventional abrasive wheels, superabrasive (diamond and CBN) materials and wheels, and metal-bonded superabrasive electroplated wheels. A more comprehensive treatment is now included on thermal aspects of grinding. In addition to consideration of regular grinding with conventional abrasive wheels, two chapters present the thermal aspects of creep-feed and high-efficiency deep grinding processes, and grinding with superabrasive wheels. To complement this broader coverage of thermal considerations, a new chapter has been added on fluid flow in grinding, which includes flow through the grinding zone, hydrodynamic behavior, fluid burnout, and cooling effects. The additional consideration of superabrasive grinding also extends to the wear of superabrasive wheels. A final new chapter has been added on computer simulation of grinding cycles, and intelligent model-based control of grinding machines. This chapter concludes with a consideration of future prospects for integrating he simulation into open architecture machine tools as the knowledge base for intelligent optimal control of grinding processes.

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