Horizontal Directional Drilling

An essential resource for anyone working in the trenchless industry, this authoritative guide provides complete technical information on the design, permitting, construction of HDD applications. Horizontal directional features many examples and HDD calculations as well as detailed illustrations.


Table of contents


Chapter 1: Installation Applications and TechniquesChapter 2: HDD Technology and EquipmentChapter 3: HDD DesignChapter 4: HDD Pipe Stress Analysis for Steel PipeChapter 5: HDD Pipe Stress Analysis for Plastic PipeChapter 6: HDD Installation ConsiderationsChapter 7: HDD Site SelectionChapter 8: HDD InstallationChapter 9: HDD Construction MonitoringChapter 10: HDD ContractsChapter 11: AppendicesBASIC TERMINOLOGYHDD MODEL FOOTAGE CONTRACTGUIDELINES FOR HDD PROJECTSRISK REDUCTIONEXAMPLE HDD SPECIFICATION


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